So I’ve promised you, possibly via Twitter a 30% discount on your Vodafone line rental.
Here’s what I need from you:

a) You must have taken (or about to take out) a standard contract with Vodafone directly, online shop; telesales; high street store. I can’t give you a discount on contracts taken via third parties or dealers e.g. Phones4U.
b) You must have online billing. (Sign up here)
c) You need to let me know your full name, mobile, account number and email address for online billing.
d) That’s it.

I only have a limited number of discounts, so this offer is only available to people I inform directly, sorry but your mates can’t have one too.
You can use it on either a full 12/18/24 month contract or if you prefer a 30 day/12 month notice SIM only deal.

If you ever change your contract or get a new phone the discount will be removed so please contact me before to see if I can arrange for the discount to be applied to the new contract.